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Our FastBuy system is for people buying in bulk or who already have our catalog and don't require additional information for each product before adding it to your cart. With this system, you simply enter the product number from the catalog and it will find the product and add it to your shopping cart.

To begin enter up to 5 product SKUs at a time in the boxes below.

How to Order from your Ram Welding Supply Printed Catalog

1. Check Your Printed Catalog. Locate the item you wish to purchase in your printed Ram catalog. Note the Ram Part number. It will consist of a three-character supplier code and an item 'number' of up to 12 characters, no spaces (For Example, LNCK1642-2, MLR907000, TWEWM400L153545, or T/D1-1111-1). Be sure to include all slashes, dashes, and symbols as they appear in the item number.

2. Enter the Part Numbers. Here you can enter up to five Ram Part Numbers at a time. (You will be redirected back if you need to enter more part numbers.) Enter the part numbers one per text box and click the 'Add to Cart' button. You will be taken to your 'Shopping Cart' to see your order in progress.

3. Choose the Quantity. Need to change the quantity? You will be able to change the item's default order quantity of one (1) to the amount you wish to order on the Shopping Cart page. Then by clicking on the 'FastBuy' link you can come back here to enter more part numbers.

4. Double Check Your Order. If necessary, you can easily check to see whether the part number represents the item you intended to buy. On the Shopping Cart page, you can click on the Item number in the "Item #" column and be taken to a page showing a picture and explanation of the item.

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