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The View As of November 1st, 2016
By Red Barnes, Chairman of the Board
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This cycle we are featuring LINCOLN ELECTRIC’S Precision TIG 225 (K2535-2). This machine is a 5 to 230 Amp Constant Current AC/DC TIG / Stick welding machine package. The rated duty cycle of the power source is 10 percent at 225 Amps and 100 percent when running at 90 Amps. The input requirement is 209 /230 Volts single phase. The machine includes features such as an auto balance circuit that provides optimum operation for cleaning and penetration when welding on aluminum. There is also a disable switch for the auto balance feature when there is a requirement for extra cleaning or penetration. There is a TIG pulser mode to minimize material distortion from excessive heat input. There are extra outlets on the front of the machine for running power tools or a water cooler unit. The unit weighs 261 pounds with a height of 31.2 inches, width of19.8 inches, and a length of 36 inches. The welder package comes complete with a storage compartment in the cart under the welder, torch hanger, removable lifting Eye, 10 ft. work cable with clamp, 9 ft. input cable with plug and receptacle, TIG hand book and TIG procedures guide, PTA 17 150 Amp TIG torch with 12 ft. cable, TIG accessories, Gas regulator with hose and foot amperage control.

We now stock the new WENDY’S Pancake Welding Hoods. These are the specialized welding hoods that pipeline welder’s use to get up close and personal with the welding arc when welding the underside of pipe. They come in left hand units and right hand models. The right hand shields (WPH Z- RH Black) flap back over the left side to protect the left ear when welding under the pipe. The left hand (WPH Z-LH Black) flaps back over the right ear. Both these models are tested to comply with ANSI Z87.1 standards. With these specs they only come in Black and with 5/8 lens holders.

We are now stocking the MSA 475395 Skull Cap style hard hats. This cap meets the ANSI Z89.1-2014 Type 1 standards. These specialized caps are required for certain industrial applications. They are only available in Brown.

With cooler weather coming on you might check out our CARHARTT Outdoor Work Wear. We stock Coats, Jackets, Overalls and Vests.

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